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COMP 365 offers a value-added procurement service providing trusted and known suppliers to local accountants, businesses and domestic clients. An extensive range of services and products are provided on highly competitive terms.  COMP 365 ensure that our trusted suppliers deliver the highest levels of service and value, placing your needs first.


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Neil Mandel - Vanilla Active

After working as a graphic designer in the early stages of his career, Neil was intrigued and lured into the web world in the late 90s. He soon became Creative Director of a London Agency and ran a team of over 30 designers and developers building high profile web sites for companies such as The NSPCC and Heart Radio.

When the bubble burst Neil went alone and set up a digital agency focussing on delivering real solutions for real needs, working out what the return on investment would be and not just helping business jump on the digital band wagon for no particular reason.

13 years on, Neil and his team continue to develop digital applications from e-commerce web sites for small businesses to large campaigns for brands such as Weetabix and Peperami.

He is married with 2 boys, loves sport, including skiing and football (still playing weekly 5 a side as long as his back, knees and legs hold up) and aims to continue to work hard/play hard!

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Free web hosting for 6 months with a new web site. Terms apply*


Why Comp 365?

When we communicate with our clients, common complaints include being let down by suppliers or feeling that they have been treated unfairly and in some cases overcharged. In addition, there appears to be a great deal of overpromising and under delivering!

  • The Comp 365 complimentary service is there for you to utilise without cost.
  • We project manage any enquiry from start to finish. Your point of contact will personally assist you throughout, for added peace of mind.
  • Time management – We take away the time / aggravation factor from you, by providing a free of charge one stop shop solution.
  • Are you getting value for money? The Comp 365 suppliers will either be looking to reduce costs or add value to the service or product that is being provided or will confirm that current arrangements in place cannot be beaten, as your added insurance policy.
  • All the Comp 365 suppliers have signed T’s & C’s that they must adhere to, as service delivery is paramount!

We appreciate that you already may have a team of preferred suppliers in place but would welcome the opportunity to prove as to why we are worthy of your consideration.

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