About us

[band color=”black” class=”about-top” border=”border_select” border_inside=”border_select”]COMP 365 has been created following the demand for a high quality and personalised procurement service, for the client bases of local accountancy practices who include, Sobell Rhodes Chartered Accountants and Green & Peter Chartered Accountants.[/band][band background_color=”#1e988a” color=”#fff” class=”about-top green” border=”border_select” border_inside=”border_select”]
  • You will be guaranteed the finest service provision as we are utilising trusted and known service providers, whose raison d’être is to provide “added value” to you.
  • The COMP 365 team will have direct involvement in all enquiries, including managing the process between you and supplier. This therefore means that you, are able to benefit from utilising vetted suppliers and having a single point of contact, for added piece of mind.
  • There are no fees payable by clients for this service.
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