Comms Connect Business Energy

How we save you money?

Nobody wants to pay more than is necessary for their business energy, however trawling through tariff after tariff can be a painful process and who realistically has time to do that? Additionally, an individual company will rarely be able to benefit from bulk purchasing power. At Comms Connect we are able to source very low cost tariffs and benefit from bulk purchasing. We have saved companies up to 40% of their bill by switching to us.

What do I have to do?

All we need from you is your genuine business energy bill (all pages). This can be for gas, electricity or both. What’s more we will pay each Comp 365 referral £10, just for sending us the bill! If we can’t save you money we will simply let you know.

What do I have to lose?

At least £10 (if you don’t send the bill), probably significantly more..

When it comes to lowering the bottom line; reducing energy costs is a no brainer.

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