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Gail Baum

Office Manager, Lloyd Platt & Co

It was a pleasure dealing with Comp365. You and your colleagues were so helpful and efficient. The items we ordered from your copy / print solutions and promotional products suppliers, were delivered exactly as promised and of a very high quality.

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Simon Tuke

Managing Director, King & Tuke

We have recently sourced a new colour printer through Comp 365, and have been very happy with everything about the process, which was smooth, efficient and painless.

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Larry Melinek

Finance Director, Jewish Museum, London

The Jewish Museum’s auditors, Sobell Rhodes introduced me to you, Comp 365 as part their procurement service. I was somewhat sceptical initially as I have come across several procurement organisations in the past who offer much but deliver very little. However, when I met you for the first time, it became immediately clear that Comp 365 offered something rather different – a genuinely sincere service backed up by personal guarantees. In our first meeting, we identified two areas where the Jewish Museum was in clear need of a review of its existing arrangements – stationery and photocopier contracts.
Immediately following our meeting, you put me in touch with their stationery supplier for a like for like cost comparison. After a very small amount of work, we were able to identify around 25% savings without any compromise in quality. The benefits went further, in that unlike our existing supplier, the Comp 365 stationery supplier proactively reviewed our orders and identified further savings through special offers on specific product ranges. Ordering is easy and is carried out online. We would not have been aware of then if not for you and Comp 365. The museum is saving around £2,000 a year on its stationery procurement.
You also introduced me to your copy / print solutions supplier. Their sales Director, Mark, found a way to save the museum significant sums by extracting us from a very expensive and punitive photocopier contract with our existing supplier. He spent a significant amount of time working with me to review the nature of our existing contract and he identified the potential to save around £12,000 per year by switching to them. In doing so Mark made it very clear that there would be no hidden costs, which in my experience is unusual in this industry. He went several extra miles to assist me with extricating the museum from its existing contract and in doing so, provided the museum with a useful boost to its funding. It is much easier working with this new photocopy supplier than with our previous contractor.
We are continuing to look at further opportunities for procurement savings and I would expect there to be a long-term relationship between the Jewish Museum and Comp 365.
I couldn’t recommend Comp 365 highly enough – what an amazing team and what an amazing service!

Many thanks for once again for all your help.

Best wishes,


[/band][band title=”David Mann, Pinner” color=”#666″ class=”testimonial” border=”border_bottom” border_inside=”border_select”]Yes I can confirm that Comp 365 plumbers did an excellent job refurbishing my bathroom.
Many thanks for the recommendation.